Portland Commercial Garage Door

Portland Doors and Locks Guy is your go to locksmith choice for all of your commercial garage door needs. Whether it’s old and you want to replace it, or the garage door springs have broken, or you just need a new garage door opener, we do it all and more.

We have been servicing the area of Portland for years and we’re proud to say that we have gained increasing popularity for all commercial garage door needs. So if you’re from Portland, Oregon or its surrounding areas and in need of garage door service, don’t hesitate to call us at 

We have highly trained technicians

We have highly trained technicians with a wide range of skills and experience in the area of commercial garage door service. With state of the art technology and equipment we have we can surely handle any of your garage door issues. Portland Doors and Locks Guy offers 24/7 emergency commercial garage door assistance so you’ll never be burdened for long. Our experts can also repair broken garage door springs, rollers, cables and more. We can also replace a garage door opener for your commercial property.

Besides commercial garage door repair service, we also offer garage door maintenance options to make sure that your commercial garage door is running efficiently. To ensure the functionality of your commercial garage door, try our garage door maintenance option now available at a very affordable rate!


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